I’vealways thought our careers find us after mine found me as I was commuting home from the city during my first semester attending F.I.T’s Advertising Design program in 1995. A stylist on the train overheard me talking to a friend about the window displays I’d been creating at the store I worked in and asked me to assist her & the rest is history.

Shortly after graduation I left styling & NY for adventure in the west coast only to land a job working at Fred Segal Melrose in LA selling & merchandising clothes for 2 years then moved up to San Francisco to work at Gap Inc. as an assistant Merchandiser eventually making my way back to NYC to pick up with Styling where I had left off-taking the career enriching experiences to resonate within me.

Flash forward to present day more than two decades after my start into a rich, full & rewarding career that I love, that has given me a tremendous amount of wonderful memories & experience alike from traveling on location to studio jobs with great crews of wonderful people in various mediums wether it’s an Ad, catalog or web job that have turned into long relationships working for a variety of amazing clients I feel privileged to work with-then and now.